Local PAR

The garden started with plowing and soil improvement. Word of advice test your compost. Next came tilling and raising the soil into raised beds of dirt. The first year produced about 400 pounds. Year two, more soil improvement and deer problems. Our first fence; bamboo polls with netting. Wish I had a picture of me up in the bucket of front end loader attaching net to polls… when the need is there the gardener finds a way! After this “fence” went up the garden production increased. The harvest broke 1,000 around 2005. This was really due to donated produce by a member of The Gold Hill Garden Club. The deer were getting smarter and came through the net. I fixed the net. Guess what? The deer won. In 2008 the Master Gardeners put up a real fence! Yea! No deer, more veggies! Broke 2000 pounds in ’09. This again with help of garden club member. This year my garden club friend had to move, a new school going up on that beautiful dark soil. Oh well good dirt for strong minds. Anyway our harvest so far this year is right around 800lbs. I think the heat and dry weather may have played a hand in reducing the harvest. Of course it’s not the gardeners fault! I forgot to mention we had a professional in stall the irrigation system in ’09. I have pictures of Girl Scouts, families with cute redheaded kids, garden clubs and M.G. building the wooden raised beds. Also had volunteers from Winthrop nutrition course. Let me know if you want to get together for any more info.